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Welcome to JCD Recruitment. The UK’s largest premier coach driver agency dedicated to the passenger carrying industry.  The brain child of Del Haggerty was born following a forced redundancy back in 2006 when Del was laid off for the winter, a time of year when many companies release freelance drivers to ease their financial burdens over the industry’s quietest period.


Del says: “I was fed up being laid off in the winter months and had started to look at incoming traffic via the holiday industry.  I began as a driver with The Travellers Choice, based in Lancashire and asked, whether, if I could start an agency, would they use it” The response was positive and Just Coach Drivers was born.  With many years of experience as a driver, Del knew first-hand the pitfalls of ‘freelancing’ and industry’s views of freelance drivers and with this in mind he set off on a crusade to change the views of an entire industry towards the freelance driver.  His journey quickly took the road to success with registered drivers topping the 185 barrier in 2012 and now over 325 in 2016.


You need transport? We are here!


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His business plan is working, in fact, not only are JCD Recruitment. The largest dedicated supplier of coach drivers in the UK today, in 2011 they were awarded the coveted Lloyds TSB Commercial Award for the smallest business expansion with the highest turnover. They also featured on the popular TV show Dragons Den, while they did not secure the investment of a dragon, they did receive some excellent advice, that’s proved more valuable.


They are well on target for breaking the £1m turnover goal.  David Collins from Lloyds TSB Commercial added: “JCD Recruitment is an excellent example of how a well-run business in a niche market can expand quickly and successfully, even during a difficult economic period.”


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